A Denton Orthodontist Fixing Smiles Drastically Improves One Aubrey Child’s Life [Case Study]

Family kids with braces in Denton, TXAt a young age, Jane’s parents knew that her bite was not right. Her previous dentist told them that she would need surgery.

Jane’s parents looked into several different orthodontists but chose Cramer Orthodontics to help their child. Cramer Orthodontics is an orthodontist office serving the Denton and Krum area. They specialize in braces and treatment without braces. They combine experience with advanced education and personal care to bring their patients the best orthodontic treatment options available. Dr. Cramer and his team had remarkable reviews that really impressed Jane’s parents.

When Jane came into Dr. Cramer’s clinic, he was determined to help her and discussed her case with an instructor via online diagnosis. They worked together to develop a customized treatment plan for Jane. Dr. Cramer recommended that they use Jane’s growth in two phases to transform her smile. Since they started treatment early, Jane would not need the surgery that her family dreaded!

Phases to a Perfect Smitle

In the first phase of treatment, Dr. Cramer prescribed reverse pull headgear and a niti open coil to make space for her erupting upper 2s. Dr. Cramer aligned Jane’s teeth with 016N and 18×25 niti wires then placed composites on her posterior teeth to disclude Jane’s bite. Because Jane forgot to use her headgear during Christmastime, she was only able to wear her headgear for 6 months. Despite this unexpected setback, Dr. Cramer was still able to get good results.

Jane’s parents were impressed by everyone in the office. From the staff to Dr. Cramer himself, they were all very professional and friendly. Even though Jane was scared, the wonderful staff helped calm her and put her nerves at ease before they started. Dr. Cramer was very informative and explained everything to them in a way that they understood. The office was clean and welcoming. Every part of the experience was top-notch.

Jane’s bite corrected from a Class III functional anterior crossbite to having a good overbite and overjet. She is ready to start her second phase of treatment soon to straighten her teeth. Just from Phase I, Jane’s dentofacial improvement is obvious.

Kids can be cruel sometimes, and our daughter learned that at school. She was ashamed to open her mouth and smile. Dr. Cramer and his team didn't just fix Jane's teeth, they gave her confidence and strength as a pre-teen...
Marita W.
Jane's Mother

A Story Worth Smiling For

She now has a full upper lip and her smile is both beautiful and healthy. Her family is now extremely happy and excited to see the progress of their child’s smile as the treatment continues. The family has already said that if Julie, Jane’s younger sister needs braces, Cramer Orthodontics would be their only orthodontist.